Thursday 2 April 2020
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How to Claim Free Casino Money

How to Claim Free Casino Money

It is no hidden fact that we all love to make money. And if you get to make that money without much efforts, sitting at home, playing on your mobile or PC, then who would not be tempted to this option?

Doing online frauds can earn you lot of money but will land you in legal troubles so it is better to seek easier and risk free options. Online casino is your safe bet in that case. Moreover, if you are able to get that money without spending anything from your pocket, it will be an icing on the cake. In the terms of online casino, it is known as the no deposit bonus.

What is No Deposit Bonus?

  • It is the bonus offered by the gaming sites to new visitors.
  • This bonus is offered by sites to attract people to play on that site.
  • Usually, you have to deposit certain amount before you can play on the gaming sites, but in no deposit bonus, you can play a game without depositing any money.
  • Thus, if you win in this bonus, the money you get will be free casino money.

How to Claim Free Casino Money

  • Signing Up To a Gaming Site: When you sign up on a new gaming site, you are welcomed by a Coupon Code. You are supposed to go to the payment section, enter the Coupon Code and redeem the points. You can play your favourite games with those points.
  • Free Spins: Apart from no deposit bonus, you can also try other options like free spins. Almost all gaming sites provide you free spins to enjoy the game. Make maximum use of those free spins and get a chance to win more money.
  • Special Bonuses Offered For Different Games: Each player has a different choice of games. That is why casino sites make it a point to offer special bonuses for various games. Each site will offer special bonus only on certain type of games. Claim your reward by choosing a site that offers special bonus on game of your choice.
  • Bonus on Live Casino: Live casinos are really interesting. And if you know the tricks of the game then it can be a win-win situation for you. Various gaming sites offer bonus for playing live casino as well.
  • Bonuses For Payment Method: Most of the gaming sites work in collaboration with certain financial institutions or payment apps and will offer you bonuses for making an initial payment through that particular option. So,, it can be an app for payment or it can be a debit/credit card of a particular bank or institution. Be alert about the offers, and take lot of advantage of the offer.
  • Bonus on Using Bitcoin: Making payment by using bitcoin, the trending crypto-currency will also earn you bonuses through many of the gaming sites.

Thus, it is all about pricking your pockets less and earning a lot. Try the above listed methods and you can make a treasure from it.