You’ll not have to search hard, especially if you know how to use the internet, for tipsters who’ll assure you that it’s their tips that are ‘super’.  And why shouldn’t they, have they really anything to lose?

Truth is, all tips are the same. So, how do you root out the tips that aren’t so super? There’s no easy solution, it takes time, effort and a fair bit of research. Also, forget about loyalty, be open to change your tipsters and never dismiss the other online horse race tipping sites. Horse racing tipsters such as The Winners Enclosure are active daily. It’s this type of activity that should tell you you’re on to a winner. It’s not difficult to open a social media account, give yourself a fancy horse tipsters related name, then away you go. Though, fairly quickly these guys are often rooted out then ignored. Don’t follow these guys.

The key is to look for tipsters who are actively on a daily basis. Not only that, they should also be engaging with their audience. Good ones will hold their hands up, if they back a loser, they should also have their own website. It’s from their website where you’ll be able to assess the quality of the tipster.

When your given odds, make sure you check the deal out too. A lot of tipsters will be privyto special bets offered by some online bookmakers. Some of the introductory odds will look exceptional, just ensure you check the finer detail. Many of the fly-by-night tipsters won’t bother promoting anything that may hinder you from betting through them. Many tipsters, you’ll find, are affiliates for online betting sites. It’s in their interestfor you to click through the links they push out, they’ll receive a commission payment for doing so.

One of the best tips we can tell you when you’re looking for that “super” tip, is to look across a range of tipsters and isolate the most favourite for a particular race. Then, just weigh up the finer detail you may be privy to as well. Do you know the horse’s mark, it’s previous form, remember you can make a judgement call too.

When it comes to acquiring the tips, unfortunately nothing is guaranteed. If you’re a seasoned gambler on the horses, how many times have you been told about an absolute dead cert winner? Truth is, and deep down you probably know this, there are no 100% certainties, don’t get us wrong, we know the odd one comes in now and then. But, even they’re not guaranteed.

Manage and select your horse racing tips sensibly and good luck.