The first thing you can advise a beginner player is a deep study of statistics. Of course, statistics of ten years ago is not enough, than you can help, but the latest results of the teams and recent face-to-face meetings will be able to say a lot. Do not forget to also watch the news regarding the immediate situation in the teams themselves.

Proper Attention

Pay attention to the position of the head coach (has he come to this post long, do not predict his resignation, etc.) and the role in the team of those players who will miss the upcoming fight due to disqualification or health problems. The more information about the match you collect, the more likely it will be that you correctly predict its outcome. In game tembak ikan you will have to take care of these matters now.

Smart Betting

Professional betters (privateers) who know exactly how to bet correctly on football, they learn about the game they are interested in practically everything, up to the team of arbitrators, the condition of the lawn and the possible weather conditions during it. Of course, the knowledge of such information will not help 100% to understand how to correctly bet on football, but it will become a significant help for the player (privateer). After you have completely finished collecting information, you need to carefully analyse it and make a final decision about your bet.

Taking the Right Decision

It is very important not to change your decision at the last moment before drawing up your bet under the influence of the opinion of friends or other players of the bookmaker office who do not agree with your betting option and who allegedly know about how to bet on football correctly. Always stick to your own opinion, and if it is backed up by statistical data, then a large percentage of successful bets will be guaranteed to you.

Football betting options

Understanding the difficult question of how to correctly bet on football, it is worth mentioning which kinds of events, except for the usual victory of one of the teams and a draw result, you will be able to offer bookmakers in their lines.

The total of the match – more or less

In general, the standard total for football is 2.5, but there are exceptions. This mainly relates to meetings of obvious leaders and outsiders, when obviously a large number of goals are scored in the goal of the latter. In this case, the total can be raised to 3.5.

The first thing to consider in such matches is the presence in the particular game of the main goalkeeper team, as well as the form of the players of the defensive line and the line of attack teams. It is only natural that the lack of basic players in the defense or bad game forwards of two teams in the last matches can lead to a total more and a total less, respectively.

The result of the first half of the meeting

This type of game tembak ikan bet can be good to earn, as the main events of a large number of matches unfold in the second half. You can try to put the first half total less or for a good coefficient for a draw, which is quite likely.