Game of cards, that can be enjoyed by anyone even if somebody isn’t aware about the card rules is, three card poker. This game is between the dealer and one player and is played with deck of 52 cards. Three cards are given to you and the person who has highest ranking cards is the winner. This game doesn’t involve any bluffing but, just strategies. This game can be played by even a beginner who’s never been into the world of cards.

There are three areas where you’ve to place your bet, whether live or online –

  • Ante is bet that is given before you even see your card. This bet has to be given by you as a player.
  • Play is the second step where you bet to see dealer’s card. You can see your card before betting so that if your cards are not good then you can fold and don’t place any money for bet further.
  • Pair+ is a situation where you can place a good amount before seeing your card. If you have good cards then you’ll get paid extra amount.

These three steps make this game the best betting game ever. If you get the rules and strategies properly then succeeding in this betting game is easy. Although the maximum benefit is taken away by the house but the dealer should have a queen to win the game.

Playing online is also fun as you have the privilege to play it for free unless you aren’t accustomed to the rules. Once you know the game of thinking then you can play with real money. Always play with situs judi online terpercaya so that your money which you deposit and withdraw is safe with them.

Here are some rules to understand to win this game –

  • If the dealer doesn’t have queen or higher card then the player wins not only the Ante amount but the Play bet as well.
  • If the dealer has better cards then player is beaten in both bets, immediately.
  • If you have any card, which is lower than queen, six or four then you should fold immediately.
  • Bet on Ante and Pair+ in equal amount so that you don’t lose much.

  • When you get a good amount of money to play this game, make sure that you don’t invest entire lot in one round. Rather, divide the money into number of rounds that you wish to play, this way you will have adequate amount for each round to enjoy.

Playing this game is easy. It is all about your analysis and decision making skills that help you earn or lose.