Betting on football shifting has always been around. However, with the English League Premiers knocking at the door, betters are busy speculating the supermassive market of players across the Continent. In fact, the transfer in summer is likely to be the busiest of the kind.  It is very evident as the most-loved League clubs appear to be all set to splurge and spend on the top stars. But then again, there are certain dead woods that need to be sold, as well. Plus there are footballers who are ready for another bargain.

If you are betting for Arsenal this year, for example, then you might want to have a quick check on the present summer market.

Why Arsenal For A Reshuffle?

Perhaps, Arsenal is one of the teams that immediately need to rebuild its strength. With Arsene Wenger relieving himself from his managerial charge after 22 long years and Unai Emery succeeding him, change is, bluntly saying, the last thing to expect. Now Emery has the challenge to fix the shortcomings that have been exposed ruthlessly of late.  Last years, Arsenals losing out in the Carabao Cup final match, followed by losing to Man City signaled that the Club needs to cope up with its deficiencies. While the haters would take no time to put the blame on Wenger, there are some more factors that contributed to the decline. For anything else, there are just too many players in the squad right now. To create a stronger, more compact and competent team, the experts in prediksi ligainggris suggest that there are players that the present team can do without. 

Players Who Can Be Shifted This Summer

The gunners might point at Peter Cech, the goalkeeper as one of the main players to be shifted. There was a time when he successfully defended Chelsea. However, he has become aged enough to stay the primary goalkeeper of the team. The 36 –year old might not be the one that the management want to retain in this season. Secondly, Danny Welbeck, who joined Arsenal from Manchester United, has just another year left for his contract. Danny has it all, ranging from effort, passion and energy. But after all, goal is what we all want and Welbeck might not be the best person to achieve this end. He did score 10 goals last season. However his inconsistent performance in front of the goalpost has indeed invited criticism. Again, Mohamed Elneny has something that every manager would like to see. He is tireless, well-disciplined and undoubtedly accommodating to the team’s need. But let us face it; he is not that good to play for a team that challenged the leading titles. The Egyptian can be a decent backup for sure. But beyond that, you might not expect much.


Speculations and betting for Premier League are gaining popularity year after year. Millions of pounds are pouring in all across the world. And with each weekend of the tournament, the competition gets even more intense. When you are all one of the most competitive football challenges in the world, you cannot skip the necessity of prediksi ligainggris. The betting is fun; profit bearing yet has its own challenges to both serious and amateur bettors.