Capsa Stacking is a game that has been known throughout Indonesia and the world in the game capsa stacking each player will be distributed 13 pieces of cards, and players Assigned to compile the 13 cards into the Best card arrangement. The card will be divided into 3 rows, the lowest card should have a bigger combination value than the middle card, so the middle card must have a higher combination value than the top card

If you are thinking about cara bermain capsa susun then you will have to know that the game is composed in a game of sequence number of capsa stacking game is 2,3,4,5,6 and so on sequence The picture in capsa stacking game is Wajik (Diamond), Heart (Love), Curly (Banyan Tree) and Waru ( (Leaves / Spades).

The Important Compositions

They are Royal Dragon, Royal Flush, PIting / siki, Straight Flush, Flush, Full House, Tress, Straight, One Pair, Two Pair. Royal Dragon is the most favorable card arrangement because besides the number of consecutive cards, this card also has the same leaves as the example of the card ROYAL DRAGON 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 J Q K A. Dragon is a special card after royal Dragon It’s just that the difference between the Dragon Dragon card with the Dragon lies on a different leaf if Royal Dragon must have the same card leaf or another similar to the Dragon card which only has a sequential card but the leaves / flower on the card not the same.

The Royal Flush

Royal Flush is the composition of the 5 (five) highest cards with sequential numbers starting from 10 (ten) and has the same leaves / flowers 10 J Q k A. Straight Flush is a sequential card arrangement with a similar flower but the card is not specified at the start of the number: 9 10 J Q K or can also start from Kartu As up to 5 (five)A 2 3 4 5. Piting / Siki is a combination of 4 (four) cards that have the same number and comes with 1 free card if the piting card meets the same opponent then the winner is determined by the value of the biggest card that has the pit card while 1 (one) kicker card only as complementary card example 6 6 6 6 A.

Not clear yet about cara bermain capsa susun? Straight is a combination of cards with consecutive numbers The combination of these cards does not require the same leaves / flower cards as Stragiht cards are determined by comparing the greatest card values ​​amongst the card owners each one of them has another Straight card Straight 3 4 5 6 7. Two Pair / Double Pair is a combination of 2 (two) pairs of cards that have become a pair and the remaining 1 card as a Kicker if between players have the same Two Pair then the determination will be seen from the most large pair of example joseph have card K K Q adalah Q then hide A card A 2 2 9. There are many other matters indeed that you will have to keep in mind. So far, this is the basic that you need to know.