Gambling with real money in sports is one of the favorite pastimes in today’s world. Roughly people invest almost over $250 billion dollars in a year on sports betting. The reason why it has gained such huge popularity is, it makes the idea of watching the sports even more exciting. Apart from this, it is also a lucrative way to earn easy money. Initially, you should learn the strategies of betting and then eventually invest real money in the sports. This article will guide you on the basics of the gambling laws in Indonesia, the football betting markets and the convenience of playing online.

Some popular markets for football betting

If you are interested in sports gambling then you should register with some of bandarjudi bola terbesar di duniaand target the market mentioned below:

  • First Scorer – This is one of the well-accepted football betting markets. Here, the client can bet on the player or team he assumes is going to make the first score.
  • Half Time or Full Time–Here, you can bet the money on a team you feel is going to lead by the halftime and another at the full time.
  • Accumulator–It is a very popular method where the backers bet on more than one team to increase their probability to win. The total teams you want to bet depend on your wish.
  • Both Teams to Score–Here, the punter is offered a list of matches and given to pick matches where he feels both the teams will score.

The gambling laws

Indonesia is a Muslim dominated country accounting for almost 85% of the total population; the Sharia law dictates the country. As per this law, gambling is something which is morally wrong. The Islamic religion tag gambling as evil and thus it isconsidered as an illegal act. Being considered as illegal, if you are found participating in any kind of such activity you can be penalized for it. Even a state-run lottery was discontinued due to the strong protest of the citizens. Certain illegal underground casinos do exist but police raid them regularly.

The convenience of playing online

Since the gambling law in Indonesia is very strict due to the presence of Islamic religion, hence most players get inclined towards the international online sites. Till date, there is no scope of alternation of the law and offering some relaxation. The best part of playing online is bandarjudi bola terbesar di dunia accepts players based in Indonesia inspite of the strict laws against gambling in the country. No international casino website is normally penalized for allowing the citizens of Indonesia to play online. Indonesian player finds it not only safe but also convenient to play through these international sites. Since the offshore casino websites nowadays accept the Bitcoin as deposits so it has become a lot easier for the players of these restricted countries to make deposits without disclosing their names. Other modes of making private payments are the use of pre-paid methods or web wallets.